Roger Berk

Founder and Provocateur | Ohio

Creative Technology is a dream that has been realized for our founder. Just a glimmer of an idea in 1978, we have achieved international recognition as a creative and a technical leader. An engineer, computer programmer and thinker, he has worked with companies like IBM Sony, Panasonic, and Autodesk to design or help debug new tools for Media Production, Post Production, 3D Animation and Video Compression. He is a team builder, collaborator, restless workaholic and obsessed with excellence. He is always looking for the most amazing, newest, most interesting, not thought of before solutions to the challenge at hand. First and foremost he is a provocateur, trying to provoke thought and creativity and innovation at the highest level from his clients and his team.


Bob Berk

CFO, Head of Business and Legal Affairs | Ohio

Bob handles much of the day in and day out operations at Creative Technology and oversees all aspects of the company. He is a CPA as well as a lawyer. He joined the company following a stint as a lawyer at Arthur Anderson in the legal Department of their Tax Accounting division in Boston. Bob is also our corporate lawyer. He is licensed by the Supreme Court of Ohio, a member of the Ohio State Bar Association, A 1984 Graduate of Boston University School of Law and has a BS from Babson College. Bob is a very active board member and trustee for many local community organizations that are too numerous to mention.


R. Adam Berk

Owner | Creative Director | San Francisco

With a heritage that stretches back through four generations of radio and television pioneers, Adam started on the Flame during high school, designing title sequences and visual fx for skateboard videos. Adam brings an unwavering intensity and dedication to the vision of CT and has touched the broadcast image of some of the world’s most well notable brands. A filmmaker at his core, Adam strives for perfection in everything he undertakes.


John Strock

VFX Supervisor | Flame and 3D Animator | Ohio

Specializing in visual storytelling, John joined Creative Technology more than twenty-eight years ago, immediately following his collegiate studies and graduation from Ashland University with a bachelor’s degree in Television and Radio Production. He is a craftsman at choreographing live-action visuals, still photography, graphics and animation, into a visual story that is compelling and attention grabbing. With a sharp focus on visual quality combined with efficiency and sensitivity to deadlines, John manages the workflow to bring projects to completion on time. He has the unique talent of being both creative and analytical, which brings to life the detailed stories of mechanical and engineering visuals and animations. John has twenty years experience in 3D computer graphic modeling and animation with Alias, TDI, and AutoDesk Maya. John also has nineteen years of visual effects editing and compositing experience, with AutoDesk/Discreet Flame and Smoke systems. Outside of the post-production world, John is involved in the community as a volunteer with the Boy Scouts and Soap Box Derby programs.

Dave Valencic

Creative Director | Smoke & Flame Artist  |  Bi-Coastal 

The son of a baker and bi-coastal darling of CT-SF, we call Dave ‘The Thunder’. Dave carries nearly 10 years of editing and creative direction experience and started learning Flame in high school. He is also an accomplished photographer. So when he isn’t busy blowing our minds with motion-graphic magic, he’s out documenting the industrial Mid-western landscape.

Mark Köhne

Creative Director | Flame Artist | San Francisco

The son of a warehouseman and stay-at-home mom, it seemed more than natural for Mark to venture into a world of motion graphics and visual effects. After more than 20 years of living, working, and being irritated by most people in L.A., Germany and Boston, he came back home to the Bay Area, finally figuring out that as long as you’re getting bugged by everyone, you may as well have access to your favorite sports teams.


Bob Carter

Vice President | Sound Design and Smoke  |  Ohio

Bob became a professional radio news announcer/reporter and disc jockey in 1968. From 1970-1973 he was an army broadcaster. While in the service, Bob was also a full time disc jockey in Honolulu which he continued through 1975. He also excelled in radio production. In 1976 Bob moved to Denver where he became program director and afternoon drive on-air talent for the area’s leading radio station. While in Denver, Bob designed, produced and voiced radio movie trailers for the nation’s southwest Mann theaters. In 1978 Bob became operations manager of WAKC TV-23 in Akron. He also was production director and produced the evening news. Bob was in on the ground floor of Creative Technology in 1980 where he is to this day. Bob, as senior editor, has edited Super Bowl and Cleo award winning TV commercials, countless number of corporate videos and has won an Emmy for audio production.


Cris Wachter

Senior Editor | Smoke, Avid, Mac Smoke  |  Ohio

.Cristina joined Creative Technology in 1993 as an intern while attending college. After receiving bachelor degrees in Radio/Television, Professional Video and Marketing from Ashland University she joined the staff full time. Prior to joining Creative Technology, she worked as a news editor at the local ABC affiliate station. Cristina brings her organizational skills, artistic ability and passion, to each project she works with. She enjoys creating dynamic visual presentations of complex information and materials. Cristina’s creative tools include the Avid Media Composer, Autodesk Smoke, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator digital imaging software. She has worked on a diverse selection of projects; from hundreds of TV commercials to informational videos and countless national, regional, small business and individual projects. Cristina received a regional Emmy for her contributions on a series of promotional spots for a local public broadcasting station.


Jeff Wootton

Director of Engineering   |  Bi-Coastal

Creative Technology’s Chief Engineer is Jeff Wootton, who joined us in 1984 after working in TV, where he maintained transmitter and studio gear. A lot of electronics has changed, and in 1994, Jeff was key in setting up and wiring Ohio’s first serial digital post production facility, Creative Technology. Creative Technology received the first Digital Betacam machines delivered (after Direct TV), the first uncompressed D5 machines, one of the first Discreet Flame Systems in the world, and the first Abekas A8100 serial digital switcher during that time. Creative Technology has progressively transitioned to AutoDesk Discreet editing and effects platforms, running advanced and custom designed software and hardware, along with the transition to networked, file based technology. Creative Technology’s equipment care and installation needs have all been Jeff’s responsibilities.


Kelly Seiberling

Senior Executive Producer  |  Ohio |  Contact:

Kelly was encouraged early on to think creatively as her dad was a “go to” agency guy.  Her parents knew something was up – when as a young girl she opted to play with the family’s 8mm film camera and audio recorders instead of Barbie Dolls.  She has been producing award winning projects ever since.  Kelly can help drive the creative, give practical solutions, and manage the production to keep projects on time, on track and on budget.  Projects include: National and Regional Television Spot Work, Live Programming,  National and International Corporate Communications.  Kelly has been with CT pretty much since the start.

Melanie Bass

Head of Production | San Francisco

Growing up in Akron, Ohio, Melanie made the move to San Francisco in search of the cast of Full House and Rice-a-Roni. Upon the realization that no one here snacks on the “San Francisco Treat” and that Bob Saget was not the man she thought he would be, Melanie set her sights on becoming a producer at CT-SF. She prides herself on being able to fashionably wear many different hats, from sombreros to yarmulkes, whatever the job takes. In her personal time, Melanie enjoys making moderately crass movies, discussing the intellectually stimulating articles and photography of US Weekly, and eating.


Natalie Berk

Design and Concept Artist | Ohio

Natalie attended the Ringling College of Art and The University of South Florida. She has degrees in art and psychology. She is an enthusiastic and talented artist and designer. As an avid gamer, she once was observed to beat the designer of Guitar Hero in an online matchup. Quiet in demeanor, her drawings speak volumes. Her youth and hip, connected vision bring fresh ideas to any project.


Mary Beth Crew

Communications and Office Management  |  Ohio

Mary Beth’s contagious laugh can be heard echoing through the vaulted ceiling in our lobby. It is a frequent and joyful reminder that she is interacting  with our clients and friends all day. She is a very talented artist, and manages the flow of communications and logistics for our team.