• Creative Technology Building Creative Technology Building Located on an landscaped 11 acre campus, we have a unique, spacacious and comfortable creative environment.
  • Flame Suite Flame Suite Featuring a massive client desk, and a full client living-meeting area behind a movable glass wall, the flame suite is unrivaled for creative comfort and productivity.
  • Smoke/Sound Design 1 Smoke/Sound Design 1 With it's one of a kind bird's eye maple client desk, movable glass walled living room, precision lighting and sound, this room is a creative dream suite.
  • Smoke Edit 2 Smoke Edit 2 A capacious space with comfortable seating for four to 6. This suite features a large glass client table with ample room for seating beside the artist when required.
  • Smoke Edit 3 / Sound Recording Smoke Edit 3 / Sound Recording A nice open space for creative editing, animation and CGI and 3D producers, with an attached large sound booth with windows.
  • Insert Stages and Location Shooting Insert Stages and Location Shooting We have a dedicated Insert Stage with many architectual features in our building perfect for shooting. Add to that full location capabilities for any need.
  • Tech Core Tech Core With duel rudundant air conditioning systems, filtered power and a raised floor, our tech core has everything one would need for a world class production facility.


Founded in 1980, Creative Technology has stood the test of time. We have grown and changed with the times, always offering leading edge solutions to creative and technical challenges. Our client list includes some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world, as well as smaller up and coming concerns. Companies like General Electric, Goodyear, IBM, Ford Motor Company, Eaton, Parker, Nokia, General Motors, BP, and their Advertising Agencies have worked with Creative Technology for over 30 years. Our repertoire includes, Post-Production, Visual Effects,  Digital Cinematography, Color Correction, 3D CGI and Animation, Advanced Video Compression and Computer Software and Hardware Design and Integration for Tradeshow, sales support and Point of Sale systems.  Our artists are some of the most experienced and best in the world. Our philosophy is to work in partnership with our client to design the most outstanding and unique solution possible.


Founded in 2010 in a spare bedroom of a tiny San Francisco apartment, CT-SF has grown to become one of SF’s leading post production boutiques.

We are an artist owned and operated creative enterprise. Since the 2011 opening of our downtown studio, CT-SF’s work has been featured at Sundance to the Super Bowl. We love what we do, and thanks to our fans, do what we love.

Our services range from creative development and design to post-production supervision, visual fx, motion graphics, creative editorial, color grading and finishing.
We have all the tools available for our creative team to gain the best results possible:

- 2 Autodesk Flames – Online Finishing / Visual Effects.
- 3 Autodesk Smokes – Online Finishing / Visual Effects / Editorial.
- DaVinci Non-linear grading system.
- Multiple Edit, Cinema 4D, After Effects mac workstations.

CT-SF is a proud member of AICE.